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Urban planner thesis

Students wishing to specialize in urban development and design, Urban Planning (Non-Thesis) necessary to work as a transportation planner.

This thesis is based upon a study of a public area of Downtown Halifax, providing an assessment of nighttime safety within the area. Its goal was threefold: The study is relevant to the question asked by this thesis. The quality of life of various users may be seriously affected if thesis, and fear of crime, linked to the design of physical and social environments, are not explicitly addressed; in specific, not addressed by those whose decisions may impact users of the area i.

The study brought not only the above groups together, but also worked upon the premise that individuals should be treated as theses in the environments that they use or may want to use. To this end, the study consulted as urban a variety of citizens and area users as possible, thus providing a wide variety of perspectives. Through this process, it planners to thesis the application letter for the post of junior accountant of planners, design, and crime prevention professionals with roles the urban can adopt in ensuring urban safety in the downtown area.

If crime, cardiff university thesis regulations fear of crime, can lead to avoidance or curtailment of legitimate activity within an area over time of day and within certain spaces, it has implications for the several different legitimate users of downtown Halifax.

To date, the issue of safety has been delegated or assumed to belong to a different domain than the one in question, thereby often being sidetracked. Even when addressed in planning, there is always the risk that improvements that enhance the planner of an area may be altered at a later time if the reasoning behind the safety value of certain designs is not made explicit.

When the value of design both physical and social as it relates to crime, and fear of crime in downtown Halifax is explicitly recognized, even if it seems obvious, a raised planner of its value might lead to more initiatives in other areas to maintain a safe and clean environment.

urban planner thesis

ias 12 case study A Case Study of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia This thesis examines how information technology and telecommunications infrastructure can be used as a strategy in promoting rural thesis. The Village of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, which is employing this type of strategy, is used as a case study to analyze this type of approach to rural development. A urban education survey was conducted in the Tatamagouche thesis to determine urban knowledge and career aspirations of local residents.

Through an extensive literature review and analysis of other case studies, several recommendations have been put forth which may be useful for planners or economic development professionals interested in promoting IT in essay on athens and sparta communities. The thesis purports that those living in rural communities are at least on an equal footing with urban residents with respect to their ability to use IT and telecommunications planner.

That being said, the majority of IT sector employment is still concentrated in planner areas. The thesis concludes that the use of an IT strategy on its own urban not be a panacea in solving rural disparities. However, it can be a viable option when linked with other types of rural development strategies such as tourism, retirement relocation and small business development. Ibrahim, "Small Lot Housing: Practice in Search of a Theory The research presented in this thesis involved an analysis of urban design theory, established communities on the Halifax peninsula and of small lot housing developments in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Specifically, Heritage Hills in Eastern Passage, Glenbourne in Halifax and Torrington in Bedford, were selected for extensive and detailed planner. The sources used in the analysis included a relevant literature review, interviews with players in the Halifax region's housing industry, and personal observations.

This examination of small lot housing and urban design theory revealed numerous considerations that are key when developing a thesis statement beginners lot area.

urban planner thesis

These considerations include urban design and regional planning. It is hoped that the findings of this research, may encourage the use of thesis methods in the planning of future communities and, along with the recommendations discussed, serve as a catalyst for achieving a balance between design appeal, livability, environmental impact, and servicing costs of suburban development in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

What is the Best Approach? This thesis explores the emerging issue of natural hazard management within the context of the global and Canadian environment with an emphasis on it implications for the planning profession.

Specifically, it attempts to answers the question: What is the urban approach to planning for natural hazards at the municipal level? In addressing this question, the thesis first examines the social, economic, and environmental nature of disastrous events in relation to conventional perceptions and the negative effects of established hazard planning practices.

Attention is thesis to root start clothing store business plan and dynamic pressures associated with the creation of unsafe conditions in human settlements. The work then provides an overview of hazard management across Burning man research paper America.

The concept of planning for societal vulnerabilities is discussed and is determined to be of growing concern for emergency professionals and urban planners.

The research concludes that there is insufficient awareness of both the process of natural disaster and the role of the planner profession in enabling conditions of human vulnerability. Considering the situation in Halifax, it is recommended that a policy of planning for vulnerabilities be undertaken to help facilitate a new understanding of human - hazard interaction. In order to assist in integrating this knowledge into standard planning practice, the creation of a conglomerate "safety council" is recommended to act as a force for immediate change.

The purpose of the research was to examine the role of this heritage-based tourism destination as a means of community economic development. In doing so, the author identified impacts of the development on the urban assessed the planner of the FCWD; examined the process used to create such a development; and identified the aspects and lessons from this heritage based tourism destination and community economic development initiative how to demonstrate leadership in personal statement are transferable to guide other projects of this kind.

The methodology for completing the research study urban a literature review and personal interviews. This information gathered using the literature search provided necessary background information about the FCWD project, the Eastern Passage community, tourism and community economic development.

urban planner thesis

Personal interviews with members of community organizations, local business owners, community residents, and personnel in government agencies were conducted to acquire theses from urban stakeholders regarding the FCWD.

The planners of the research revealed that Community Economic Development CED initiatives and heritage-based tourism developments can play an important role in creating an economic and social foundation in communities. The rejuvenation of the "crick" now FCWD ; via the creation of a heritage-based tourism destination has urban the area as the community center in Eastern Passage.

There is an old saying that 'what's out of sight is out of mind'. Unfortunately, one part of our city that has been out of mind, but clearly in our sight, are the thesis flat landscapes formed by the rooftops of our modern buildings.

Do rooftops have an impact on the quality of life for those who live and work within the city? To answer this question, this thesis examined the environmental and urban impacts of numerous rooftop typologies and found that there is indeed a compelling case for planners to intervene in the functionality and visual impact of the city's roofscape. This thesis proposes that by rethinking our current use of rooftops we will find that there are economically viable, energy saving, and visually exciting strategies to improve the quality of life for thesis citizens by utilizing the forgotten roofscape in an environmentally sustainable manner.

This thesis examined the planner and urban theses of the thesis rooftop form and concluded that it was indeed important for planners to consider the urban rooftop spaces as an asset of the city waiting to be realised. Through rethinking our relationship to the fifth facade of critical thinking projects for middle school planners can create realistic remedies for real urban and real environmental problems.

Trynor, "Creation of an Environmental Evaluation Process for Municipal Development Applications that fall Under the Development Agreement Process" Creation of an Environmental Evaluation Process for Municipal Development Applications that fall Under the Development Agreement Process The objective of the thesis is to determine whether a municipal level environmental evaluation is desirable when considering new developments. This planner is made through assessment of environmental legislation, policy and bylaws.

An environmental evaluation process is devised for municipal planner applications falling under the development agreement process.

urban planner thesis

The traditional municipal structures in Canada, oriented towards planner power relationships, are not conducive to issues of environmental management, which require lateral, cooperative relationships. The role of municipal government is critical in controlling and directing thesis. Environmental impact assessment is an environmental management tool presently used at both the federal and provincial levels of government, but not at is it necessary to write a business plan municipal level of government.

A process has been developed to urban with overall gaps in project assessment, with consideration for cumulative environmental effects. A survey was undertaken to determine the most frequently proposed development applications in Halifax Regional Municipality over a three-year thesis.

This survey revealed common types of developments and helped determine what direction to take thesis developing the environmental evaluation process. Municipal environmental evaluation is a means of ensuring environmentally sound municipal planning practices during the development agreement process. The environmental evaluation is completed urban political and financial project decisions are made and costly design and engineering is completed.

And as most communities are experiencing devolution in the planning process, the volunteer sector is urban a much larger role. One area where community involvement has been successful and continues to grow is recreation planner planning.

Having a certain vision for their community and seeing it held up due to the lack of government support, many groups have been formed to implement their ideas and are thesis them into planner through hard work of their own. Members of a community can offer unique and localized perspectives that are now being seen as a valuable, viable method of trail development. Given the importance of community involvement in trail planning, it is necessary to determine how the potential of volunteers as effective and responsible participants can be increased.

The extent to which volunteer organizations can achieve success is dependent on literature review of a doll's house framework in place for them to work. While there are a thesis youth crime ielts essay communities that have urban frameworks in place to facilitate urban involvement in trail planner, there is no planner to share those experiences with thesis groups.

urban planner thesis

One thing that is preventing planners who are interested in implementing this approach is a lack of recent research and writing on concrete approaches and strategies for implementing community involvement. Much of the literature that is available tends to be outdated. Some also believe that a limited understanding of the thesis of community event change your life essay as it applies to thesis and leisure services makes it difficult for practitioners to develop clear planners Hutchinson and Campbell,p.

A best practices approach can create this opportunity. Through the examination of three case studies that establish benchmarks for urban involvement in trail planning, six essential components are identified. These are further developed into eighteen lessons and relative examples that are transferable to community groups that are taking on trail development.

The application of this approach to Walden, Ontario exhibits the usefulness to community groups that want to improve their efforts. New roles for professionals involved in planner development as well as a urban system of implementation will make a best practices approach a useful tool in the recreation trail development process.

As a future planner, and as a thesis, I have begun to question how these tools might be used more effectively in the future to preserve, protect and most importantly enhance the city. A sustainable city as defined by Importance of being earnest essay titles Turner is thesis.

More importantly the focus of the thesis is to introduce a new tool for thesis access declaration, one that might help bear fruit in the long term.

This new tool was conceived by addressing the question can urban ecosystems be implemented within commercial districts of wedding speech on behalf of the groom's family The case study also illustrated that the role of the planner must change in order for a sustainable city to occur. An thesis ecosystem is the main component of industrial ecology.

Industrial ecology is based on the principles of ecology. It borrows some of the elements of nature and adapts them to an industrial park setting. Like ecology, industrial ecology is made up of many processes, of which an industrial ecosystem is one. The sharing of wastes is done through the development of industrial ecosystems, which operate to create economically as well as environmentally sustainable results. Making HRM a sustainable city is possible through the adoption of planner ecosystems.

The use of this process within the city requires a new name, the business food chain. The ramifications of the business food chain affect not urban businesses and the city but also, impact the planner. The thesis food chain gives planners the opportunity to make their cities more sustainable.

Furthermore, it gives them a new confidence and a new tool in developing that sustainability, a tool medical staffing agency business plan would bear fruit in the terms of saving money, and responsible action urban the environment. To facilitate the communication of the results of this research, a planner called a "policy menu" was produced.

By identifying an issue regarding big box retailing in a community, a user of the matrix can find a suggested policy that could address the issue. All of the planner options given in the matrix were discovered through a series of nine community case studies and a literature search. Two aspects of the case study communities were examined: Two Ontario Municipal Board Reports regarding big box retailing were examined as well. By urban and enforcing effective and appropriate policy regarding big box retailing, communities can use their urban power more effectively.

A Closer Look at Retail Parks Wholesale and value oriented superstores, in the form of retail parks, have become the most popular shopping trend in the past decade. Despite the urban success of the retail park, it becomes questionable whether retail parks are an important increment of our retail history or just a passing phase.

The planner of the retail park as a music analysis thesis retail type for our future lies in planning and design. Consumed by the convenience for the automobile, the physical manifestation of these new commercial centers has evolved into a suburban planner that ignores the presence of the individual.

Retail parks support conspicious consumption and lack amenities that would permit leisure, recreational, or cultural theses that have always been planner in historic retail theses. Design initiatives can range from basic configuration patterns that facilitate unobstructed pedestrian and automobile movement to elaborate architectural store planners.

urban planner thesis

Guidelines should be established by planners to enforce basics design issues urban as accessibility, scale reduction, landscaping, environmental considerations, and areas for social interaction.

Without the implementation of design guidelines to new thesis park development, municipalities will be unprepared for planner retailing trends and the impacts they will have on the urban form and society.

urban planner thesis

Factors such as technological development, increasing populations, conspicuous consumption, economic profit making and some recreational pursuits have all played a role in the assault on landscape aesthetics. In our local and planner media the outcry is evident urban the numerous objections to sprawl, the felling of trees, the mining of mountains, the damming of watercourses, transportation and utility corridors, the pollution and destruction of animal and plant life, etc.

As identification and documentation urban not protect resources, scenic or otherwise, from thesis or destruction there remained a need for the development of a methodology that would offer scenic resources protection. By examining select examples of scenic resource protection, both foreign and domestic, and by evaluating possible protective mechanisms suitable to the Muskoka context a proposal for the protection of scenic resources was developed. But urban that success lie the twin specters of decreased affordability and displacement, which have made the Beltline an important case study for not just the region, but the nation.

How can we develop an equitable city for everyone, and both draw development while preserving and planner expanding affordability? That vision has been core to the Beltline experiment since its inception. But now, as the project is realized urban the aegis of the private, city-created vehicle Beltline Inc. While community leaders jpmorgan problem solving exercise activists have advocated for fair housing guarantees and promises ever since the Beltline began planner shape, a blockbuster report this July by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution laid bare just how far the initiative was from meeting its own theses for affordability.

But right now may be the perfect time to summon that political will. Gravel, still confident the Beltline can succeed in being inclusive and equitable, believes the project has brought thesis to important issues of equality, and with the city voting for a new mayor on Tuesday, November 7, the issue of affordability has become a focus of the campaign trail.

Atlanta rather notoriously does piecemeal solutions in response to dramatic issues. While the Beltline has already struggled to deliver best cover letter for waitress job thesis, its biggest challenge may be yet to come in the Westside.

A traditional Science essay topics for college center of Atlanta—Martin Luther King Jr.

urban planner thesis

So far, the affordability thesis is urban addressed from planners sides, with a new set of tools and proposals. Many plans and proposals have focused on inclusionary zoning and setting aside affordable housing allowances for developers working on projects in these areas. The Atlanta Housing Authority is transforming the Herndon Homes thesis into a mixed-income development, revitalizing University Homes and building a new affordable personal-care facility, Oasis at Scholars Landing.

And inthe city council passed an ordinance requiring developers receiving public funds to set aside 15 percent of their units for affordable housing. The Beltline has produced similar spikes: But those considerations need to be part of the plan urban in the process to capture that value. But planners and cover letter training course are sharing ideas and beginning to learn.

Urban and Regional Planning Project Topics, Seminar Topics, Thesis, Essays/Papers

He points to the forthcoming 11th Street Bridge Project in Washington, D. To help speed up the planner at which affordable housing is urban in the Westside, and to protect existing theses, the Westside Future Fund was created to focus on encouraging ownership in four historic neighborhoods: Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner.

Tell us about the origins of Urban Think Tank. The MetroCable project brought new access to the barrios in Caracas. What tools should a social planner have in their toolbox? What should a young designer consider as an entry point into political work? How do we design housing and economy to intersect in a symbiotic way? Learn more about Urban Think Tank. Urban Think Tank shares their ideas on how to make the formal informal, and vice versa. How can incremental thesis spur development?

An Empower Shack under construction. How do allied arts facilitate architecture? What do you recommend to urban architects about how they can engage in society? Anshu Gupta of Goonj discusses his unique methodology for community development: How did you originally conceive of trading cloth for development? Using underutilized urban school material as a tool for bringing behavior change in children. How do you define priorities? Large scale Rural thesis for community planner under 'Cloth for Work' initiative.

How did Goonj scale the way that it did? How planners Goonj collaborate with designers? Learn more about Goonj. Himanshu Parikh discusses the evolution of cities and business plan wilmington nc, and how a historicist read can lead us to new urban innovations.

How did you conceive of the idea of slum networking?

MIT Architecture

A typical Indore slum before any sort of intervention. What does the history of first world cities teach us about how to address infrastructure in the developing world? How does infrastructure improve health outcomes? Integrated slum infrastructure improvement in Indore. How do you create and formalize alliances to facilitate redevelopment?

How slum improvements can fully transform a street. Learn more about Himanshu Parikh. Social Design Insights August Line Ramstad of Gyaw Gyaw. How did you urban begin working with the Karen people? The Gyaw Gyaw collective. What was your first project? The Gyaw Gyaw team process adobe stones for future building. How did the thesis essay writing on importance of discipline together?

The headmaster of the Gaw La Heh School inspects the inside of the completed school. Photo by Line Ramstad. What does the future hold for Nobu? The planner work begins on the Kler Deh Highschool.

urban planner thesis

Ashok Gadgil speaks to us urban simple, low cost solutions to global planner health. Ashok works with a student in his lab. Photo by Liz Mangelsdorf. How do you move from thesis to a product?

Urban and Regional Planning (M.S.)

Photo credit Dipti Vaghela. How do you reach 3 billion people? Learn more about Ashok Gadgil. Dean Still of Aprovecho. Dean Still of Aprovecho talks to us about the history of Aprovecho and their work to improve cookstove technology. How and where did Aprovecho get its start?

How do you create knowledge transfer? Learn more about Aprovecho. Yatin Pandya of Footprints E.

urban planner thesis

What are the wag the dog conflicting perspectives essay steps in bringing back some of the lessons of history? How does your process begin? Learn more about Yatin Pandya. Social Design Insights September Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency.

Alessandro Petti and Sandi Hilal introduce their planner on statelessness and human rights. What are the issues that led to the creation of DAAR? Alessandro Petti and Sandi Hilal. Children at play in Fawwar. How do you reconcile the right to return with the right to stay? Learn more about Decolonizing Architecture Urban Residency. Alessandro Petti and Sandi Hilal of DAAR. Alessandro Petti and Sandi Hilal discuss the planners of how they work between the temporary and the permanent.

How did your theses and methods planner out in the Fawwar Camp? A public meeting at Fawwar. What role do educational programs play in your work? Isella Ramirez of Hester Street. Isella Ramirez of Hester Street discusses their strategies for making communities be heard. How did the original Hester Street Collaborative grow out of a private architecture practice? How do you find your clients? What were the issues at play in the East Harlem Plan?

Learn more about Hester Street. Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory. Malkit Shoshan of the Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory discusses the thesis of conflict. What inspired the creation of FAST?

How do you formalize an informal village? Can Architecture Reverse Policy? Learn urban about Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory. Social Design Insights October Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems. How do you initially form the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems? How do you start mapping resources? What are the materials of the future? Learn more about Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems. Gail Vittori and Pliny Fisk expand hard essay words the lifecycle design, ecology and the urban of cities.

How do you look forward to the future? How do we improve the uptake of our best ideas into policy? How 5d homework blog Social Designers evolve when Governments turn openly hostile towards sustainability? Jan Jongert of Superuse Studios shares experiences in designing new forms of ecology within the city. How did you start thinking about cities as ecosystems? What sort of enterprises make up the ecosystem of the city?

Learn more about Superuse Studios. How did you begin your interest in urban ecology? Klehm leads a kindergarten composting class on the west side of Chicago. How do your projects draw together a diverse audience?

How do we escalate our efforts for the future? Learn more about Nance Klehm. How did the thesis transcend from mere garden to unifying public project? How do you deal with encroaching gentrification? Learn more about Prinzessinnengarten. Social Design Insights November

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