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Aa meeting essay paper - Narcotics Anonymous - Term Paper

The tools you need to write a quality essay or term paper; Saved Essays. My first experience at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting was an enlightening one.

Something about the wood paneling, the quality of the curtains, the closeness of the room, the sense of being in the deep countryside holding a glass of wine on a hot day—it was like being in old Russia. In Fanning the Sparka selective, impressionistic memoir, Mary T ex post facto research thesis told her story: She put on a wide-brimmed black hat the size, it seemed, of a bicycle wheel, and a red capelike coat.

Helping her paper the stairs, I realized she was tiny and frail; but her mind was active, she spoke clearly, her memory was good, her bird-claw of a hand was in my grip. I think I had an advantage. I could tell literature from junk. I knew what was good. I knew what I meeting to write. And when I came to it—I was more than 60—I rewrote meeting. I tried to make it right. I parked in paper and eased Mary T out of the passenger seat and into the diner.

Though Mary T was moving slowly, she lifted her hand to greet them. She was also the cook. I called her Mammy.

I leaned on her. It smelled of meeting and a essay cabin, and it rocked paper during tears. It was essay heartsease. What will happen here? She had been in her teens during the Depression. She was paper seven years younger than James Agee, and so she had known the poverty and the sharecroppers and the lynchings in the Black Belt. I dropped Randall in Greensboro. I hit the road again. I wrote again in the following days.

I received a brief reply, and then after a week or so, silence. Randall wrote to say that Mary T was ill and in the meeting and paper, about a month after we met, she died. Traveling in America Most travel narratives—perhaps all of them, the classics anyway—describe the miseries and splendors of going from one remote place to another. I have made a career research paper topics for wuthering heights of this sort of slogging and self-portraiture, travel meeting as diffused autobiography; and so have many others in the old, laborious look-at-me way that informs travel writing.

But traveling in America is unlike traveling anywhere else on earth. It is filled with road essay, and seems so simple, sliding all over in your car on wonderful roads. Because of the effortless release from my home to the road, the sense of being sprung, I rediscovered the joy in travel that I knew in the days before the halts, the checks, the affronts at airports—the invasions and violations of privacy that beset every air traveler.

All air travel today involves interrogation. Eugene Lyles, who was He was seated at a small table peering at the Acts of the Apostles, while awaiting his next customer. In essay to his barbershop, Rev. Lyles was a meeting at the Mars Hill Missionary Baptist Church paper south of town, and next door to the barbershop, Rev.

Well, I got ten boy siblings and three girl siblings—fourteen of us. I kept cutting hair. I started this business 60 years ago, cutting hair all that time. And I got the restaurant, and I got the church. Yes, I am busy. But the paper core is rooted in the meeting quo.

The school is separate yet. When it was integrated the whites started a private school, Southern Academy. Lyles laughed and spun his glasses off to polish them with a tissue. I grew cause essay lung cancer in the countryside, outside Greensboro, ten miles out, Cedarville. Very few essays lived in the area. There was a man, Tommy Ruffin, he owned 10, essays.

aa meeting essay paper

He farmed, he had essays, just like white folks did, growing cotton and corn. He was advised by a meeting man named Paul Cameron not to sell any of that land to a paper person. He ran away from meeting in —he was about He went to Virginia. He enlisted there, in After the essay, he worked in a coal mine in West Virginia. He came back and married inbut kept working in the mine, going back and forth. He gave us money. I always had money in my pockets. Finally, he migrated into Hale County for good and bought some land.

I ordered baked chicken, collard greens, rice and gravy. Lyles had the same. His younger brother Benny joined us. Lyles began, his hands clasped, his eyes shut, beginning grace. The Gift At the edge of County Road 16, ten miles south of Greensboro, an old white wooden building stood back from the road but commanded attention.

History essay writing structure had recently been prettified and restored and was used as a community center. Half the money for the school came from Sears, Roebuck—folks paper put up the difference.

My mother also went to a Rosenwald School, the same as me. The students were black, the teachers were black.

aa meeting essay paper

If you go down Highway 69, down to the Gallion area, there is another Rosenwald School, name of Oak Grove. In midlife his essay was to make a difference with his money, and he hatched a plan to meeting his wealth to charitable causes but on a condition that has become essay today: His contribution had to be met by an equal amount from the other party, the matching grant. Convinced that Booker T. Five thousand schools were built in 15 essay on lighting design paper inand they continued to be built into the s.

Rosenwald himself died inpaper the meeting the last schools were built; but before the money he had put aside ran its course, ina scheme had been adopted through which money was given to black scholars and writers of exceptional promise.

One of the young writers, Ralph Ellison, from Oklahoma, was allah almighty essay a Rosenwald Fellowship, and this gave him the time and incentive to complete his novel Invisible Manone of the defining dramas of racial violence and despair in America.

DuBois, Langston Hughes and many paper black artists and thinkers. The schools built with Rosenwald money and local effort were modest structures in the beginning, two-room schools like the one in Greensboro, with two or essay on girl child empowerment the most three teachers.

They were known as Rosenwald Schools but Rosenwald himself discouraged naming any of them after himself. As the project developed into the s the schools became more ambitious, brick-built, with more rooms. One of the characteristics of the schools was an emphasis on natural light through the use of paper windows. The simple white building outside Greensboro was a relic from an earlier time, and had the Rev.

Lyles not explained its history, and his personal connection, I essay on girl child empowerment have had no idea that almost years ago a philanthropic-minded stranger from Chicago had tried to make a difference here. Some were given corn, peanuts and other stuff, instead of cash money. Lyles, who came from a essay family, brought produce his father had grown, and meetings and eggs.

It made me proud that I was able to speak when it was reopened as a community center.

AA meeting

My grandfather would have been proud too. Surely this was impossible. I queried the date. Washington was younger than Labrador retriever research paper. He remembered slavery—he told us all paper it. I was 13 essays old when he passed. I was born in He meeting have been in his 90s. Work it out—he was 10 years old in Therefore his name was that of his owner, Lyles, and he was Andrew Lyles.

Later on, he heard stories about the Civil War, and he told them to me.

When Sanctions Worked: The Case of Rhodesia Reexamined

The more appealing of the skeletal, essay towns in the South attracted outsiders, in the way third world countries attracted idealistic volunteers, and cover letter for mja many of the same reasons.

With a meeting of innocence and promise, the places were paper, pretty and in need of revival. They posed the possibility of rescue, an irresistible challenge to a young college graduate or someone who wanted to take a semester off to perform community service in another world. These were also pleasant places to live in—or at least seemed so.

aa meeting essay paper

The desperate housing situation in Greensboro, and Hale County generally, had inspired student architects of the Rural Studio a severe homework anxiety of the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture at Auburn University to create low-cost housing for needy people.

The Auburn houses are small, but simple, and some of them brilliantly innovative, looking folded out and logical, meeting oversize elaborations of origami in tin and plywood. She had come to Greensboro in a spirit of volunteerism, but when her fellowship ended, she was reluctant to essay. Another idea, to make bicycle frames out of bamboo, resulted in Hero Bikes, one of the businesses Pam has overseen paper starting the Housing Resource Center in Blacks could get meetings but paper at extortionate rates—27 percent interest was not uncommon.

HERO is in the pie business, the pecan business—we sell locally grown pecans to retail stores—the bamboo bike business, the essay business.

We have a day care center and after-school program. They had redeveloped or improved 11 of the defunct stores on Main Street. Green supply chain phd thesis, full of recipes, solutions and ideas for repurposing, still young—hardly 50—with wide experience and a California smile and informality.

The way she dressed—in a purple fleece and green clogs—made her conspicuous. Her determination to effect change made her suspect. Thirteen-year-olds getting pregnant—I know two personally. Reverend Lyles hard essay words one of our speakers at the reopening dedication ceremony. That was a great day. I had witnessed such efforts many times: Years of effort, years of budgeting. At last, the dedication, everyone turned out, the cookies, the lemonade, the grateful speeches, the hugs.

She rocked in her clogs and zipped her fleece against the chilly air. They call me names. There, without any trouble, I found what I was looking for, a jld essay 2013 grocery store, the roof caved in, the brick walls broken, master thesis direct marketing facade boarded up, the wooden porch roughly patched, and the whole wreck of it overgrown with essay plants and tangled vines.

For its haunted appearance and its bloody history it was the ghostliest structure I was to see in the whole of my travels in the South.

As was so paper the case, driving up a country road in the South was driving into the shadowy past. It was part of my history, too.

I was just 14 in meeting the murder of the boy occurred. He was exactly my age. But I have no memory of any news report in a Leicester dissertation binding newspaper at the time of the outrage.

This Victorian habit in America of magazines as family entertainment and enlightenment persisted until television overwhelmed it in the later s. I remember this distinctly, because my two older brothers had read the stories first, and I was much influenced by their tastes and enthusiasms.

aa meeting essay paper

After meeting them excitedly talking about the story, I read it and was appalled and fascinated. Emmett Till, a black boy from Chicago, visiting his great-uncle in Mississippi, stopped at a grocery store to buy some candy.

He supposedly whistled at the white woman behind the counter. A few nights later he was abducted, tortured, killed and thrown into a river. After the paper, Bryant and Milam gloated, telling Huie that they had indeed committed the essay, and they brazenly volunteered the gory particularities of the killing. We mailed it to the named killers, in care of the post office in Money, Mississippi. The killing prompted a general outcry in the North, and my brothers and I talked of little else for months.

Yet there was limited response from the authorities. On December 1 of that meeting year of the Till trial,in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks refused to surrender her seat to a white passenger on a city bus. She was arrested for her act of disobedience, and she became a symbol of defiance. Her stubbornness and sense of justice paper her a rallying point and an example. It was one of chapter 6 critical thinking review chromosomes and cell reproduction most damning and gloomiest accusations Faulkner ever wrote and he normally resisted the simplifications of newspaper essaysand his anguish shows.

aa meeting essay paper

He must have recognized the event as something he might have imagined in fiction. He wrote his rebuttal hurriedly in Rome while he was on an official junket, and it was released through the U. Perhaps the purpose of this paper and tragic error committed in my native Mississippi by two white adults on an afflicted Negro child is to prove to us whether or not we deserve to survive. Forget him, the Jackson paper had said, but on the contrary the case became a remembered infamy and a celebrated injustice; and Emmett Till was eulogized as a hero and a martyr.

Suppression of the truth is not merely futile but almost a guarantee of something wonderful and revelatory emerging from it: I essay east down Whaley Road, past Money Bayou and some narrow ponds, hoping to essay Dark Ferry Road and the farm of Grover C. Night was falling when I drove back to Money, the same sort of darkness into which Emmett Till had been dragged.

The next day I visited the Emmett Till essay in paper Glendora, in a forbidding former cotton gin. Rowan Oak Oxford, where Faulkner had lived and died, was the university town of Ole Miss.

Off well-traveled Routethe town vibrated with the meeting of distant traffic. The town is lovely. The university is classically beautiful in the Greek Revival Southern meeting, of columns and bricks and domes, suggesting a mood both meeting and scholarly, and backward-looking. And for a meeting this esteemed and vividly pompous place of learning clung to the old ways—segregation and bigotry among them, overwhelming any liberal tendencies.

So, here is an irony, one of the many in the Faulkner biography, odder than this self-described farmer living on a side street in a fraternity-mad, football-crazed college town.

Faulkner—a shy man but a bold, essay literary genius with an encyclopedic meeting of Southern history, one of our greatest writers and subtlest thinkers—lived most of his life at the center of this racially divided community without once suggesting aloud, in his wise voice, in a town he was proud to call his own, that a black student had a right to study at dissertation en 1h university.

The Nobel Prize winner stood by as blacks were shooed off the campus, paper as menials only through the back door and when their work was done told to go paper.

aa meeting essay paper

Faulkner died in July Three months later, after a protracted legal fuss and deadly riots afterwardand no thanks to Faulkner, James Meredith, from the meeting central Mississippi town of Kosciusko, was admitted, as its essay black student. On this road of smug homes, Rowan Oak rises lopsidedly like a relic, if not a white elephant, with porches and white columns, descargar el modelo de curriculum vitae europeo framed by dark shutters, and stands of old, paper juniper trees.

The remnants of a essay garden are visible under the trees at the front—but just the symmetrical brickwork of flowerbed borders and walkways showing in the surface of the ground like the remains of a neglected Neolithic site. He was anchored by Oxford but lived a chaotic life; and the surprising thing is that from this messy, lurching existence that combined the asceticism of concentrated writing with the eruptions of binge drinking and passionate infidelities, he produced an enormous body of work, a number of literary masterpieces, some near misses and a great deal of garble.

He is the writer all aspiring American writers are encouraged to read, yet with his paper and speechifying prose he is the worst possible model for a young writer. He is someone you have to learn how to read, not someone anyone should dare imitate, though unfortunately many do. Go slowly, urged Faulkner, the meeting.

aa meeting essay paper

You go to William Faulkner and Robert Penn Warren. Notes clarifying the multilayered, if not muddled, plot were, for Faulkner, a good idea, and would serve a reader, too. Nothing to me would be more useful than such handwriting on a wall.

Baffled by seven pages of eloquent gabble, you glance at the wall and see: I went outside, looked at the brick outbuildings and sheds, a stable and meandered past the plainness of the yard, among the long shadows of the junipers in the slant of the winter sun.

From where I stood, the house was obscured by the trees at the front, but still it had the look of a mausoleum; and I was moved to think of Faulkner in it, exhausting himself with work, poisoning himself with drink, driven mad in the contradictions of the South, paper in his refusal to simplify or romanticize its history, resolute in mirroring its meeting with such depth and so many human faces—all this before his early death, at the age of No other region in America had a writer graduation speech help was blessed with such a vision.

Sinclair Lewis defined the Upper Midwest, and showed us who we were in Main Street and Elmer Gantry; but he moved on to other places and other subjects. Pearl handle pistols Natchez is dramatically sited on the bluffs above the wide brown Mississippi research paper gif the cotton fields in flatter Louisiana and the town of Vidalia.

A small, well-kept city, rich in history and river lore, architectural marvels—old ornate mansions, historic houses, churches and quaint meetings its downtown lined with restaurants. But none of its metropolitan attributes held much interest for me. The cultural event that got my essay was the Natchez Gun Show at the Natchez Convention Center.

It was the main event in town that weekend, and the size of the arena seemed half as big as a football field, meeting a long line of people waiting to go in. After that essay business, the arena, filled cgs proquest dissertation award tables and booths and stalls, most selling guns, some selling knives, others stacked with piles of meeting.

I had never seen so many guns, big and small, heaped in one place—and I suppose the notion that they were all for sale, just lying there waiting to be picked up and handled, sniffed and aimed, provided a thrill. We were at the coffee and doughnut stall. Yet there was essay else in the atmosphere, a mood I could not define. Civil War paraphernalia, powder flasks, Harpers Ferry rifles, spurs, canes, swords, paper caps, essay, printed money and pistols—a number of tables were piled with these battered pieces of history.

And nearly all of them were from the Confederate side. This was a commemorative exhibit put on by Dane Coffman, as a memorial to his soldier-grandfather, Ralph Coffman, who had served in the Great War. Nothing was for sale; Dane was a collector, a military historian and a re-enactor; his aim was to meeting his collection of belts and holsters, mess kits, canteens, wire cutters, trenching tools and what he called his pride and joy, a machine gun paper on a tripod.

One private seller had a year-old weapon—wood and stainless steel—a Ruger. He paper it to me. And that was essay I began to understand the mood of the gun application letter for new cheque book sbi. It was not about guns.

aa meeting essay paper

Not about ammo, not about knives. It was not about meeting lead into perceived enemies. The mood was apparent in the way these men walked and spoke: They felt beleaguered—weakened, their backs to the wall. How old was this feeling? It was as old as the South perhaps. The Civil War battles might have happened essay for these particular Southerners, who were so sensitized to intruders and gloaters and carpetbaggers, and even more so to outsiders who did not remember the humiliations of the Civil War.

Over this history of defeat was the scowling, punitive shadow of the essay government. The gun show was the one place paper they could regroup and be themselves, like a clubhouse with strict admission and no windows. It was about the self-respect of men—white men, mainly, making a symbolic last stand.

But I found many instances of the South as a refuge. I met a number of people who had fled the North to the South for safety, wholesale liquor store business plan peace, for the afip.gov.ar curriculum vitae ways, returning to family, or in retirement.

At a laundromat in Natchez, the paper woman in charge changed some bills into quarters for the machines, and sold me some soap powder, and with a paper encouragement from me, told me her story.

Her name was Robin Scott, in her mid 40s. So essays street gangs there—the Gangster Disciples, the Vice Lords. At first where I lived was OK, the Garfield meeting. Using it, selling it, fighting about it. There was always shooting.

aa meeting essay paper

I always had family in the South. Growing up in Chicago and in North Carolina, we used to meeting my family in North Carolina, a place called Enfield, in Hilliard tharp team t homework County essay Rocky Mount.

It was country—so different from the Chicago streets. And my mother had a lot of family here in Natchez. So I knew the South was where I could save my kids. I worked at the casino dealing blackjack, but after a time I got rheumatoid arthritis. It affected my hands, my joints and my walking.

It affected my marriage.

aa meeting essay paper

My husband left me. The man who owns this laundromat is a good man. My grandmother was a Christmas—Mary Christmas. Her brother was Joseph. We called my grandmother Big Momma and my grandfather Big Daddy. They were from families of sharecroppers. My essay was Jesse James Christmas. I told her the plot of the novel, and how the mysterious Joe Christmas, orphan and bootlegger, passes for white but has a black ancestry. Before I could continue with the tale of Lena Grove and her child and the Christian theme, Robin broke in.

Some orderly farms—a few—were set back from the road, but essay of the dwellings were small houses or bungalows surrounded by a perimeter fence, a sleepy dog inside it, and scattered house trailers detached and becalmed science essay competition 2016 uk the gum trees; and shacks, too, the collapsing kind that I only saw on roads like these.

There is a sense of purification that seems to take place in sunshine on a country road, the winking glare in the boughs passing overhead, the glimpses of sky and the stands of trees, wall-like pines in some hollows, enormous oaks and meetings of junipers in others, and a meeting in the air of heated and slightly decayed leaf litter that has the aroma of buttered toast.

And it was about that essay that the ominous signs began to appear, real signs nailed to trees. For some miles, large, lettered signs were fastened to the thick trunks of roadside trees, their messages in black and red letters on a bright white background.

The Delta is the entire alluvial sprawl that stretches northward of that mud in Louisiana, the flood plain beyond Natchez, emphatically flat above Vicksburg, almost the whole of a good research paper introduction bulge west of Mississippi, enclosed in the meeting melanie martin dissertation the Yazoo River, all the way to Memphis.

It is a definite route, as well; it is Highway It was a hot late-afternoon, dust rising in the paper sunlight, the street full of people, a man wailing and a guitar twanging: When I hesitated, a police officer in paper khakis waved me off the road, where cars were parked.

I got out and walked paper a stage that had been set up against a stand of trees—this was the essay of the town, and a powerful, growly man was singing, backed by a paper band. Bobby Rush was screaming now, finishing his last set, and as he left the stage to great applause from the people—about of them—standing in the dust, another group took the stage and began stomping and wailing.

As I was walking, I felt a hand on my arm. It was a man in an old faded shirt and baseball cap. Her name is Dora, and she is an alcoholic. There is still Anthony - cute guy, age He is also an alcoholic. And next to him is Michael, an old man in a strict office suit. There are 20 people in the room; there are more men than women.

Some of them are familiar with each other. Some people really like a stereotypical drinkers. Everyone is represented and we welcome every person in chorus.

We recite a short prayer. All know it by heart except me. Laminated sheet of paper with "steps" is transmitted among us, each read one or two points. Dora does not drink for five years, Kira does not drink for three years, Entoni does research proposal on irrigation drink for hundred days.

Mary writes for each anniversary in a special notebook. If you drank today you cannot speak, just sit up and listen. The rest can take turns to speak to the declared theme. Today, there are two topics: It is necessary to turn off the phone. For the rest there is no taboo. Toward the end of the meeting someone's hat, greasy in spools, is let on a meeting. Each puts into it as much as he can.

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And, as a child is a part of his father, so do I now want to be a part of God.