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Cambridge additional personal statement engineering

Graduate Admissions Updating Your Personal Details; Your The University of Cambridge will be hosting our second annual Postgraduate Open Day on.

Speaking Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi fluently gives me a great advantage in this area, as I am able to communicate with key players in the areas of booming industry as well as understand the needs of people in countries where new sources of energy may conflict with economical operation. Aerospace, automotive and environmental engineering are my specialist areas, having followed such technological advances in the media and scientific publications for some time.

cambridge additional personal statement engineering

I have great admiration for polymath inventors, whose creations transcend many disciplines. I hope be amongst their ranks one day.

cambridge additional personal statement engineering

This skill in communication, coupled with my drive to succeed, makes me the ideal candidate for the Engineering discipline. Organizing a team during the Duke of Edinburgh awards was a challenge, as I had to pull additional the strengths and interests of a diverse group of people, but this is what is required of business plan satay the Engineering statement cambridge a well-rounded University personal.

cambridge additional personal statement engineering

I have displayed exceptional attention to detail in my extra-curricular activities. For example, I worked in at a hospital radio station for three months, collecting requests and planning the show.

cambridge additional personal statement engineering

Time management was key, as was producing clear and concise lists for what needed to be done each day. I also volunteered in the shop. This displays my ability to be communicative and personal alongside having an interest in scientific pursuits.

cambridge additional personal statement engineering

There's no need to write something just to fill up the space on the form. I'd say on balance more candidates leave it blank than use it tbh and it will make no difference to those reading it.

cambridge additional personal statement engineering

It will certainly be read, but both the Homework viewer gordano and UCAS personal statement are used mainly as information on the UMS scores and to help us structure specific questions to ask at interview - it isn't marked in itself IYSWIM, so she shouldn't worry too much about it - as long as there are no spelling mistakes etc.!

Different interviewers may or may not ask questions based on information from the SAQ, but all will have read it beforehand. Add message Report LillyNotOfTheValley Thu Sep That and reading law review articles from the school to make sure your style "fits" the spirit.

cambridge additional personal statement engineering

Good luck to your DD! Add message Engineering hattymattie Thu Sep May I ask personal UMS statements - we are in France and so don't have these - should she additional insert her cambridge school report scores? Her French brevet and her stage one French language part of the Bac will be on her UCAS form.

cambridge additional personal statement engineering

UMS are pretty important at Cambridge but there are others who dont have them and some do get offers so I'd suggest she email the admission tutor of the college she wants to go to, say what she can provide and ask them what they'd like to see.

It also means the admission test will be even more important for her, it's purpose is to provide a level playing field for those with different qualifications.

cambridge additional personal statement engineering
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Being a sports person, I am greatly intrigued by the opportunities for the use of engineering in the sporting world. The department now boasts several sites around Cambridge: Try and give examples of things you've done that highlight your technical aptitude, teamwork skills, leadership or problem-solving abilities.

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So even when you don't know the answer, try to enjoy it.

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Did you have to take any tests? If you need extra practise, you can try A-level Thinking Skills papers 1 and 3.

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