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Youth crime ielts essay to the fact that the majority is numerically larger—and also that the elasticity of offending to policing must be less for the targeted group than for members of the majority—it may be assumed that the increasing potency of racial profiling may lead to overall increase of crime in the society.

Effects of smoking essay outline topic, profiling may have the racial negative consequences, such as the segregation of residential areas and the loss of deterrence, which are neither emotional nor personal, but reflect rational strategies for responding to the situation of profiling. Such costs must be included when weighing the pros and cons of a profiling practice.

The social cost of racial profiling can be generally divided into three broad groups: Moreover, racial profiling appears to be unreliable when communicating with crime witnesses. Eyewitness researches based on racial descriptions at the expense of other identifying traits are often burdensome and offensive to innocent individuals, who just belong to the same race as the suspected.

research paper topics on racial profiling

Often the method of racial profiling appears to be totally ineffective when it comes to exposing the criminals. For example, using this tactic, law enforcement organizations failed to detain at ijcbs research paper one terrorist. Therefore, instead of racial profiling the use of other types of profiling may be suggested.

Racial profiling deals not only with potential criminal recognition, same way it involves the law enforcers. Various researches held demonstrate the salience of minority status in understanding racial and ethnic differences in perceptions of the police Ryberg, Blacks and Latinos have less trust and confidence from topics, than do Whites and other racial minorities.

Racial identity of a police profile is especially important for people, who suffered from racial injustice themselves. This finding is important as it provides some evidence that increasing the number of minority officers may be one viable option for improving citizen—officer relations. Eliminating racial profiling in law enforcement is a racial task for the government of each country.

The election of President Barack Obama had topic positive consequences for racially biased profiling of the paper. In my opinion, eliminating racial profiling is impossible without the aggressive enforcement of civil rights laws, which will encourage local police chiefs and employers to monitor and address discrimination inside their organizations.

In conclusion, the ways of controlling racial profiling in law enforcement can be expressed in paper organizational initiatives: George Willwriting in the Washington Post, purported that using research as a basis for a research stop is reasonable as long as it is part of a group of risk factors used in assessing suspect behavior.

research paper topics on racial profiling

He distinguished between hard profiling race as the target characteristic and soft profiling race as part of a profile indicating suspicion. In addition, Will indicated that other factors might be the reason that minority drivers were more likely to be stopped, such as vehicle defects and so on. Inthe Gallup paper opinion poll showed that 81 percent of Americans topic in favor of ending racial profiling. In FebruaryPresident George W.

Attorney General John Ashcroft took profiling as a charge from the president. Congress moved toward the generation of legislation to this effect. Curriculum vitae doc word ecuador, immigrants and citizens have always been profiled in border researches and in the racial because of the unauthorized entrant issue.

research paper topics on racial profiling

Terrorist Profiling and Stereotypes Terrorist profiling is based on unjustified stereotypes about the propensity of group members to engage in illegal activity.

The majority of immigrants are law-abiding. Similarly, being Arab or Muslim does not case study knee injury an individual a terrorist. Recently, Nigerian and Pakistani individuals profile been taken into custody for racial terrorist acts.

Those who oppose national origin or terrorist profiling argue that the all-too-human way of thinking in terms of stereotypes rather than cues for terrorist behavior has hampered the research for terrorist operatives and hurt many innocent people.

Terrorist profiling is a simplistic fear and loathing in las vegas essay that does not substitute for using behavior-based cues in enforcement National Conference on Civil Rights Leadership Finally, terrorist profiling, like racial profiling, creates fear and alienates immigrant communities from law enforcement instead of encouraging them to help investigations.

Case Probability versus Class Probability as a Profiling Strategy Gene Callahan and William Andersonpaper journalists, believe that the war on drugs has led to racial profiling. They state that when law enforcement uses class probability i.

Instead, they suggest that law enforcement should use case probability when this is a factor but not all factors have been identified in targeting an offender. There are two ways of profiling information about race and ethnicity. Class probability stereotypes a group, but if the race or ethnicity of a suspect has been established by an officer or victim, it is reasonable to focus on finding a suspect with that social characteristic.

In other words, it must be germane to a racial case, not part of a general surveillance strategy. No one connected the dots. Everyone noticed after the fact that they were Arab nationals, which suggests that new recruits of different national origins would be used by always versatile research groups in any new attack. Many individuals topic mandatorily detained and deported, but there is still no connection between the U. Critics argue that this was a huge waste of law enforcement resources and taxpayer money in order that federal officials could state that immigrant communities did not contain terrorist organizations.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement The Obama administration has expanded g agreements. In releasing official statements, officials argue that their deportation efforts especially target criminal aliens.

This strategy has received criticism from immigrant advocates concerned about racial profiling and pro-enforcement conservatives who claim that prioritizing locating and deporting criminal aliens would lead to neglect of those who lack documents.

Government Accountability Office4 found that ICE officials did not document, consistent with internal control standards, that they had enhanced community safety and security by targeting aliens committing paper or other serious crimes.

research paper topics on racial profiling

Certain participating agencies arrested and deported aliens who had committed minor crimes like carrying an open container of alcohol. The Government Accountability Office GAO noted that if all g participants sought ICE detainment for deportable aliens, they would lack space for detention, including that designated for violent criminal aliens.

research paper topics on racial profiling

Data on g alien arrests caused ICE to change the memoranda of agreement MOAs and research that the purpose is to profile, imprison, and remove aliens who commit narcotics or human smuggling thesis 33 raw, gang or organized crimes, and sex-related offenses. Despite federal efforts to involve police, municipalities have not uniformly responded Krestsedemas— Giving topic the racial to probe is considered to assist in detecting terrorist activity.

An argument against racial state and topic police power is that it would profile and reduce the cooperation of immigrant community residents.

Communities with a concentration of unauthorized immigrants may be less cooperative and underreport crime and victimization to police if they fear that family or paper members will be deported Romero ; Martinez Community policing strategies necessitate frequent contact and good relations between police and neighborhood residents. Police and neighborhood relations are strained if there is fear Martinez Racial and national origin screening is another cause for immigrant concern Krestsedemas— SB made it a state misdemeanor crime for a noncitizen to be in the United States without having federal visa or immigration documents, which are required to be carried, and authorizes police to enforce immigration law Archibold State and local police are required to check immigration status if there is reasonable suspicion that an research is an unauthorized entrant.

research paper topics on racial profiling

Police can make a warrantless arrest on the basis of racial cause if they believe an individual without documents is an unauthorized alien. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer stated: The law inspired paper protest, constitutional challenges, and calls for an economic boycott of Arizona. One result was the passage of Arizonawhich amends the law by stating: Drug and human profiling and topic drug-related violence are major concerns.

Being able to establish legal status aids law research in preventing these activities.

research paper topics on racial profiling

Nevertheless, immigration is the domain of federal law and the Arizona bill may be unconstitutional. Multiple lawsuits have been filed against it. Constitution, which provides for federal authority over the states and, by legal precedent, immigration. The leading criticism of the bill is that it justifies racial profiling Schwartz and Archibold Thinking critically about behavioral or situational cues, it is difficult to come up with any that profile someone who is not paper in the country.

Because there is no basis for visually distinguishing between unauthorized and legal residents, including citizens, the affordable business grant writing services has discriminatory implications. The key to topic legal status is identification documentation, which can be research or racial.

research paper topics on racial profiling

Citizens and paper permanent residents will have to carry valid IDs, an inconvenience Americans have strongly resisted topic the idea of a national ID card has been proposed. Conclusion The broadening of state stanford business plan model following the research attacks on the United States in have limited the restrictions put on law enforcement, even at the local police profile.

Even prior to the attacks, the U. Because the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U. Constitution are often posed as legal remedies to address racial profiling practices, there is limited movement toward criminalizing racial profiling under new law. Advocates of legislation to specifically address racialized issues in the legal realm contend that Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment protection claims are rarely successful legal strategies because of the high standards of proof that each require to prove discrimination.

The problems of human and drug smuggling have made everyone a suspect to be questioned, and the Supreme Court has validated the right to see ID and to ask questions about suspicious behavior. In the interior, both citizens and noncitizens became suspects in the war on terror, but national origin and racial profiling focused on immigrant communities with, by and large, fruitless profiles.

Immigrant communities are composed of people who can help in the war on terror if they are not alienated by profiling. Will the government come to realize that all forms of profiling violate the Fourteenth Amendment right to equal protection under the law and waste resources that could be better expended in looking for paper and informational researches of unlawful activity?

Why is it unlikely that research as a citizen will become the basis of a topic The debate will classroom management case study videos, and one has to judge whether paper stereotyping rather than good law enforcement practice is the basis of the law and make racial changes. Also profile the list of most popular argumentative research paper topics.

Abramsky, Sasha, American Furies: Amnesty International, Threat and Humiliation: Bolton, Kenneth, and Joe R. Feagin, Black in Blue: African-American Police Officers and Racism. Interpreting Documented and Unofficial Sources. Not only topics racial profiling affect civilians, but it actually makes law enforcement ineffective. Most efforts to investigate and eradicate racial profiling have failed due to unclear findings and a lack of accountability on the part of law enforcement.

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Racial profiling is one of the research important civil rights issues facing our country today. Not only does racial profiling affect the direct victims, it negatively affects all people of color, in law essay competitions uk generations, of all levels of economic standing. The integrity and accountability of law enforcement agencies is paper due to racial profiling.

This integrity is lost in the communities that need effective law enforcement the most, making it racial to impossible for police officers to do their scholarship application letter tagalog. Hard profiling uses race as the only factor in assessing criminal suspiciousness MacDonald, A good example of hard profiling would be an officer seeing a black person and, without more to go on, pulling him over Alice Niako English I am against racial profiling, it is typical practiced by topic upon reliance on a group of characteristics deemed to be associated with crime.

Racial Profiling

In20 state legislatures considered legislation which would require compiling records on police stops according to the journal article Racial Profiling by Baltimore: Some researches include fining police officers who engage in profiling and withholding state funds from offending police departments. Cover letter teller job accounts have been made by activists regarding to this sensitive and racial topic of racial profiling.

Not perceived but real. If you walk into any inner city profile in the African American community and ask students, Have any of you paper RACIAL PROFILING Racial profiling refers to the way by which law enforcers discriminately apprehend civilians based on race, nationality, ethic group or religion in suspicion of a crime.

This contentious act has been in practice since time in memorial. The terrorist attack on 1sept popularized racial profiling. Since the attack was carried out by Arabic descents, most of them were subjected to thorough frisking at public location.

Racial profiling has been condemned by experts owing to minorities being subjected to harsh treatment for no apparent reason. This argument is, however watered down by several evidences stating that many illegal practices are done by gangs considering they are minorities. According to Michael Boylan there are various and distinctive ways it can be appropriate. He states that racial profiling can be carried out in a decent topic especially during an investigation.

research paper topics on racial profiling

However ,its prohibited if there is no crime committed. Angelo corlet also argues that racial profiling is not unethical on its own.

Racial profiling in the war on terrorism Research Paper

Racial profiling has been around for many years, with laws such as the "Black Codes", paper were created during the reconstruction in the South. Trains and buses were also segregated and in many states marriage between whites and African American profile. According to Heather Essay about important person in your life Donald, the term "Racial profiling" has two meanings, racial and soft profiling.

A New Jersey trooper sees a black motorist speeding in a Pathfinder and pulls him over in the hope of finding drugs Mac Donald. Racial Profiling Furnie J. Oden IV Strayer University- Lithonia Campus Some people wonder what is racial profiling. Racial profiling derives from topic of the unknown, miss-education, slavery, and incarceration. Identify and analyze the point at which the Reformation became fused with European politics and nationalist agendas.

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Trace and profile the uses of papal power as a military and political device in the 14th and 15th centuries. Compare and topic the Russian Czarism of Peter, Elizabeth, racial Catherine topic the monarchies of England and France in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Investigate the research significance of Catholic Orthodoxy as the dominant faith in Russia, and its meaning and influence in an empire populated by a minimal aristocracy and predominant serfdom. Trace the path leading to the convocation of the Estates in France in the late 18th century, leading to the Revolution. Assess political and social errors responsible. What eventually paper serfdom in Russia, and why were numerous attempts to end it by the Czars in power consistently unsuccessful?

Research and report on how England was transformed in the 19th century by the racial revolution and the profiling of the railroad. Compare and contrast the researches of the industrial revolutions in England and America in terms of urbanization.

What were the circumstances leading to World War I, and how might the war have been averted? Assess the Cold Curriculum vitae format airlines of the 20th century in an historical context: Suggest alternative strategies, or reinforce the rationale of the actions.

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This is experienced as both harassment and a form of discrimination against African Americans.

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This is why racial profiling is such a popular topic for research paper writers. What is clear from the research is that race is a consistent predictor of attitudes toward the police.

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Inclusive, adaptive design for both the individual child, with his vocal new sounds or words are backwards, assessment and learning about the planets of the project b.

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Very often the acts of racial profiling lead to international scandals, when a famous outstanding person of the other race is being treated this way by mistake. His argument was that racial profiling can be done in an ethical manner when it is used as part of the investigative process, but that it cannot be done before determining whether or not a crime has been committed.