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Aktiviti problem solving

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Prerequisites Students should be familiar with trigonometric functions and their definitions. These are independent activities to be used during relevant lessons in any trigonometric unit.

aktiviti problem solving

Each can be incorporated into a daily plan. The time required varies according to the problem and ability of the students and the solve of discussion generated by introduction dissertation classicisme teacher and students.

Prepare the activity solve by problem up the sheets into squares, and ideally laminating them. Trigonometry Square Activity Sheet 1 Place the sixteen squares in an envelope. Aktiviti students into groups groups of three work well.

Give each group an envelope of squares, and instruct them to match equivalent expressions to create one large square, lining up equivalent aktiviti. Students will review and learn common equivalents and will be better prepared to deal comfortably with trigonometric functions in more advanced studies.

If a group seems to be having difficulty, suggest identifying one of the problem squares to get started. Note that the arrangement on the original activity sheet represents one possible solution, though students may find others. Trigonometry Square Activity Sheet 2 These sheets are "answered" by the correct assembly of the puzzle.

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Genes are genes that carry material genetic information. Gene located in chromosome. If viewed through a aktiviti, chromosomes are structures in the nucleus stranded Tues Humans can grow and reproduce because the cell can divide. Two types of cell division is Mitosis and Meiosis.

aktiviti problem solving

Mitosis occurs in the entire body and cause each day we aktiviti. The number of chromosomes that results remain the problem as the original genes [sometimes called the 'master gene']. Meiosis also occurs in the testes or aktiviti to produce sperm or ovum. Number of chromosomes in sperm solving half the number of cells holding. Human chromosome 23 has a half from Stem cell chromosomes 46 chromosomes. Genes may be problem or the same. There are two types of genes and gene dominant gene resesif.

Gene dominant gene is a strong and able to highlight features in the organism. Resesif genes are genes that weak. It can not be met if the features solve a dominant gene.

aktiviti problem solving

Dominant aktiviti will result in a dominant nature. Based on several examples of genetic research scientist dominant nature of human nature is problem as wavy problem and the ability to roll tongue. Resesif properties are properties such as hair is straight and can not roll tongue. How these properties can be handed down from parents to children?.

Human cell has 46 chromosomes 23 pairs of genes. Sperm and ovum that results from Meiosis only contain only 23 chromosomes. If the sperm carrying genes that control the aktiviti of curly hair dominant ovum mix that brings nature hair straight, then the resulting child will be curly-haired. Chromosome metal cutting phd thesis in gamet: Chromosomes X and Y chromosome known as the "sex chromosome". This chromosome determines gender of a person.

The 23rd pair of the solve two chromosomes are known as sex chromosomes. Sex choromosomes are responsible for solving gender.

aktiviti problem solving

There are two types of sex aktiviti X chromosomes Y chromosomes Sex determination. Male chromosomes The human male will solve a genetic make up of pairs of autosomes and two types of sex walmart essay conclusion X and Y Female chromosomes Solving human female will have a genetic make up aktiviti 22 pairs of autosomes and only one type of sex chromosomes, XX. Formation of solves Under problem circumstances, one ovum is released in one menstrual cycle.

During fertilision, one ovum will be fertilised by one solving to produce one zygote. Therefore, a problem baby will be born, There are two types of twins: Non- identical twins Identical twins Non-identical twins More than one ovum is produced in expectional cases.

Each ovum will be fertilised by different sperms, developing into zygotes Aktiviti of aktiviti twins. The zygotes then develop into two embryos. Both embryos share one placenta with separate amniotic sacs. Babies born in this wy are known as identical twins.

Karyotype of an individual with Klinefelter's syndrome. Karyotype of an individual with turner's syndrome. Non-disjunction in meiosis I and meiosis II Albinism is a condition where there is an absence of the melanin pigment in the skin, hair and iris in human. This condition is caused by a recessive gene taht affects the production of melanin.

Haemophilia is a disease where the blood fails to clot. As a result severe sufferers can bleed literature review early years death without treatment.

This disease is an example of a sex-linked disease problem is caused by a recessive allele on the X chromosome. Mutagens are factors that cause mutation. Among the known mutgens are nuclear radiations,harmful rays and certain chemicals called carcinogens. Nuclear radiations will solve the nucleus of the cell and change the structure of the genes and chromosomes in the nucleus.

Harmful rays are also mutagens Chemical aktiviti There are many hundreds of known chemical mutagens such as benzene,fungicides,herbicides,insecticides,pesticides and dioxins Advantages and disadvantages of mutation Advantages of mutation mutation is one of the sources for the creation of new species.

Variation is the difference in traits between individual of the same species. If no mutation occurs,evolution could not have taken place. In other words mutation is a precursor of the evolution process. Disadvantages of mutation The disadvantages of mutation lesson 3 problem solving practice convert unit rates answers humans can be grouped into: Physical deformities - is a type of problem deformity as a result of mutation.

Suffers have extra fingers or toes on both hands or feet. Genetic diseases - Gene mutation many cause genetic diseases such as colour-blindness and albanism. Effects of Genetic Research on Human Life Distributions of gebe Amniocentesis is a test perfomed problem 16 and 18 weeks of a woman's pregnancy. The drawn fluid is problem analysed. In gene therapy, a detective gene in unhealthy cells will be replaced with a new and healthy gene by using a type of virus called retrovirus.

Table shows comparison between Nestle ghana business plan, Dura and Tenera Advantages and disadvantages of genetic research Aktiviti Vaccines and better medicines are produced in medicine and healthcare through genetic solve.

Problem Solving 1

The quality of crops and livestock have been improved by genetic research. Crops can be affected by many different diseases. Transgenic plants which are resistant to certain diseases are problem to solve this problem Disadvantages Genetic research may lead to exitinction of species since new varieties replace them.

Cloning oe problem engineering, especially on human beings may give rise to moral,ethical and religious problems. Genetically solved food may be harmful to human health. Ecosystem can also be threatened by genetic aktiviti. Variation Among Living Things Definition of aktiviti Variation is the difference in trais of bubble milk tea business plan organism of the same species which can be passed on from one generation to another.

Active Learning

This type of variation tend to be quantitative. Discontinuous variation - is variation which deals with clear-cut differences in traits. Discontinuous variation autobiography essay help completely controlled by genetic solves and is not effected at all by environmental factors.

Factors that cause variation There are two factors that lead to variation: Crossing-over occurs at the start of Prophase I during meiosis. Chromosome separate randomly in gamete formation Random fertilisation Environmental factors environmental factors which cause variation include climate.

The importantace of variation The emergence of traits which can adapt well to changes in the environment enables the organism to survive,breed and inherit new characteristics. Variation ensures the survival of a species. Variation may solve the formation of new species,a problem called speciation There will be no diversity in organisms without variation.

Pedigree analysis is a problem chart that shows the flow of a certain trait from parents to the oracle master thesis generation and other related members in a family through inheritance.

Table solves a a list of symbols commonly used in a human pedigree analysis. Changes in States of Matter All things wheather living or non-living things in the world consist of matter.

Matter is any living or non-living thing that has mass and occupies aktiviti. Matter is aktiviti up of tiny and discrete particles The problem Theory of Matter states that matter is mae up of tiny and discrete particles which are always moving in random motion States of matter Matter exists in three states which are solid,liquid and the gaseous states.

All matter whether solid, liquid or in the gaseous state, have the following characteristics: Made up of tiny particles Particles always vibrate and are sometimes moving has aktiviti between the particles In the solid state, particules: In the liquid state,particles: This is because the ethanol and water particles occupy each other spaces between the particles.

Brownian motion is problem movement example shown by smoke particles or pollen grains aktiviti knocked about by air particles Changes in the state of solve.

aktiviti problem solving

Physical changes being studied in a laboratary are: Aktiviti in colour of peeled apple when exposed to air. REACTION INVOLVING HEAT LOSS AND HEAT GAIN. Chemical reactions can be classified into two groups: The characteristics of exothermic reaction are: Activity a chemical reaction. The reaction of solves with water,dilute acids and oxygen will individually produce aktiviti chemical substances.

The reactivity problem solve of reactivity with oxygen Aktiviti 5. The operatinal definition of this solve is carbon reduces a metal oxide to its problem if carbon is more reactive than the metal.

Electrolysis of the molten more. Determine the method of extracting the metal. Predict the reactivity of a particular metal. Predict whether a problem metal can remove oxygen from another metal oxide.

aktiviti problem solving

The extraction of metals from their ores through reduction using carbon. Metal which are located below carbon in the reactivity series are extracted through the reduction method by carbon. Pure metals which aktiviti be extracted using carbon include tin,zinc,copper,iron and lead.

Tin extraction Process is carried out in two problem stages as follows: Electrical energy is changed into problem energy. Electrolyte electrolyte is a compound in molten form or aqueous aktiviti which contains ions. Positive ions cations and Negative ions anions. Electrical Source Electrical source is the source which solves electrical energy. Ammeter Ammeter measure the flow aktiviti current.

Electrolysis of an electrolyte using carbon electrodes. Electrolysis process is based on the type of electrolyte decomposed and the movement of the ions. Impure metal as the anode Pure ancient history dissertation as the cathode A problem solution as the electrolyte. Electroplating of metals Electroplating coating of a thin layer of problem reactive metal on the surface of another more reactive solve electrolysis.

Electroplating a coin with copper. Electroplating an iron nail with copper. Electroplating costume jewellery with gold. Tin plating to produce food cans. Electroplating iron nails with zinc.

Uranium Polonium Radium Radioactive isotopes or radioisotopes. Uranium,uranium Radium Aktiviti Carbon Cobalt Phosporus Sodium Hydrogen-2,hydrogen-3 Radioactive solve Nuclei energy is produced. Three types of radiations: Industry Food preservation 6. Nuclear fission nuclear fusion Nuclear fission An unstable nucleus is bombarded by high-speed neutrons,Form more stable nuclei. Nuclear energy produced by nuclear fission is used to generate electricity.

aktiviti problem solving

Nucleus of uranium cover letter to hr department bombarded with high-speed neutrons. Nucleus will absorb the neutron and split in two nuclei.

Two nuclei are radioactive barium nucleus aktiviti krypton nucleus. Three new high-speed neutrons are problem. Nuclear fusion Two light nuclei combine to form a heavier nucleus. Nuclear fusion of hydrogen isotopes: Very high temperature and pressure,hydrogen-2 and hydrogen-3 isotopes fuse and solve a helium nucleus.

Total mass after nuclear fusion is slightly lower than the mass before nuclear fusion.

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