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7th grade homework website - 6M HOMEWORK WEBSITE - WW-P Middle Schools

Welcome to 7th Grade! Homework Assignments will be updated by 3PM daily! June 3, ELA Mrs. Nickle:Finish Poem final drafts and Story Impressions.

7th grade homework website

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7th grade homework website
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18:36 Arashisar:
Vocab and Verb quiz on Friday.

20:20 Masida:
Vocab and Verb quiz on Friday.

19:46 Vudogrel:
Journals will go from Sept. Vocab and Verb quiz on Friday.

16:41 Gogis:
Binder Check on Nov. Binder check November 9th Thursday. I will not let people leave to print journals!

17:05 Marg:
If you keep an electronic journal - print them today! Verb Phrases pages Complete -time given in class to work. Binder Check on Nov.